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Open Monday through Friday,
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Closed for normal Holidays.

Toll Free(800) 544-1694
Automated Info(937) 328-3700
Criminal/Traffic(937) 328-3726
Civil Division(937) 328-3715
Parking(937) 328-3713

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Civil Division
The civil division handles all small claims cases (for judgments up to $6,000), eviction cases, landlord/tenant cases, appeals of state license suspension cases and contract or personal injury cases for claims up to $15,000. See the current schedule of costs for the civil division. All civil costs must be paid at the time of filing. (937) 328-3715

Criminal/Traffic Division
The criminal/traffic division handles all misdemeanor cases, preliminary hearings on felony cases, and all traffic cases occurring in Clark County. See the current bond schedule. (937) 328-3726

Trusteeship Division
Trusteeship allows a debtor whose wages are or about to be garnished by a creditor to pay a portion of their wages to the Court for disbursement, thereby protecting them from garnishment. For more information regarding Trusteeship, please call the Court - Civil Division. (937) 328-3715

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